Friday, April 13, 2012

Disruptive Thinking and Opportunistic Leadership

Over at Small Wars Journal, I wade into the disruptive thinkers debate and drop a little Marine Corps history. Read it here.

Also, catch up on Disruptive Thinkers pieces by Jonathan Jeckell, David Wise, and Mark Mazarr.

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  1. Brett,

    Great post on disruptive thinking. It has been invigorating to read everyone's thoughts on this topic. I'm in full agreement with your article. I wish the Marine Corps would offer the chance to attend a War College earlier in our careers. I would love to earn a Master's degree in Security Studies and that isn't even offered under SEP/ADP. FAO/RAO is the only program that offers such a degree and that can be detrimental to your career path even though it is a great program. We as a military need to encourage and not look down on graduate level education and the chance to expand our minds outside of the set career path.