Friday, April 27, 2012

"Marines Don't Do That!"

Over the past few months the Corps has been hit with a number of instances that can be directly traced to a lack of Leadership and continuous reinforcement of what is now called "Core Values".  For those of us whom are "Long in the Tooth", we've seen these problems surface before and the way we've always dealt with them is via honest, aggressive, clear-headed and pragmatic Leadership that emphasized the implementation of the time-tested 11 USMC Leadership Principles and strict adherence to the 14 USMC Leadership Traits.

The Marine Corps Gazette has also done yeoman work in helping Marine Leaders [in this effort] by publishing poignant articles that provided clear-cut guidance on what we expect of our Marines and one of the best is Base Plate McGurk's timeless Feb 1983 Essay titled: "Marines Don't Do That!" . . .

Base Plate and his Pals at "The Ale and Quail" know what they're talking because the values they promote are timeless and I can tell you from firsthand experience that they work - as long as one is willing to make the hard decisions. 

Tien len!  Muon doc lap phai do mau!


Paul Stokes, Major, USMC, Ret
Director of Operations
Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School

From the Marine Corps Gazette archives: "Marines Don't Do That," by Base Plate McGurk, February 1983.

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